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I'm Amy Emily and I'm a New England + Destination Wedding Photographer based in Boston, MA. I'm satisfied in the moments where I've kicked off my heels, grabbed a cup of coffee, and laughed 'till my sides hurt.

I adore telling the charming and ever-so amazing stories of life. I hope I can be a part of yours. Look around, share in the joy of others, and remember your story is beautiful.

Grignan, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: France Wedding- Natalie & Jacky Pt.2

I’ve been pretty quiet on this blog but not today. Today, I am so excited to share with you images from my first wedding in southern France. Natalie and Jacky’s civil ceremony was on the blog yesterday but today it’s all about their beautiful, southern France wedding in Grignan.

When I asked Natalie if they had a theme for their wedding she said, it’s “Meet Me at the Tree.” She then explained how she started thinking about how a tree has had an important place in human history, from the beginning of time, and will be till the end. Therefore, even though you some of you couldn’t join us in person, I invite you now to meet us by the tree and follow along these images as Jacky and Natalie say their vows on by far the windiest wedding I have ever experienced.


These beautiful cards which Natalie and Jacky used during their First Look are from Of Note Stationers.  (I can’t RAVE enough about these cards! Simple, classic, & elegant!)



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Brookline Coolidge Corner Engagement: Philip & Mayra

This is such a special blog post for me to write! Three years ago when I moved to Boston I was pretty much friendless. It took a few months for me to even get over the fact that I had to start over new and make NEW friends. That seemed so hard even for me. An extrovert! But God knew exactly who I needed to meet!

After three months of living in Boston, again pretty much friendless, I met Mayra. She would invited me to places and I’d say no. I’m not in the mood or my favorite …I really don’t feel like it. It was not long though before she wore me down (with the help of another good friend, B). That’s how it all started and now three years later, I’m going to be photographing her wedding this FRIDAY! (FRI-YAY anyone?!?)

To see her and Philip interact is one of the sweetest gifts! They have such a fun and kind relationship! They both adore each other and have so much respect for the other. I can not express my gratitude for you Mayra in words but you changed my life. Your example is one I have always seen as encouraging. Philip, you’ve surly found one of the rarest gems and I know you’re going to cherish her.Thank you for inviting me to document your love story! I’m so excited to be a small part of it! XOXO.

Emily Photography   Amy Emily, Brookline wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 -2017 dates. I book weddings all over but Brookline is my home. I would love to shoot more in MA! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 

My Podcast Recommendations

Most of the month of January and February I was traveling in Europe as well as a road trip up and down the pacific coast highway in California. I worked along the way photographing amazing families and locations which I plan on sharing more about during the next few weeks. For now, I really want to share with you how I kept sane since while traveling alone. I can honestly say, I have traveled quite a bit in my life but this is the first trip that I fell head over hells for podcasts. So without further ado here are some of my favorite podcast I came across while wandering abroad.

1.) Death, Sex, and Money 

Narrated by Anna Sale and produced by WNYC Studios, Death, Sex, and Money is full of short interviews. I respect Anne Sale so much! I think she is a fantastic narrator and an extremely intelligent interviewer. This podcast is all about asking big questions and dealing with hard choices on topics that make us uncomfortable – death, sex, and money. The podcasts range in length which is also different and really refreshing.

2.) Stuff You Should Know

Charles Bryant and Josh Clark cohost this very straight forward podcast. They take subjects like dementia, color, and BASE jumping and give you an overview with as much depth as they can fit into an hour. I appreciate how they try to go as far back on the subject matter as they can and reference early studies and articles that have been popular for that subject. The one con about their podcast is that at times, the hosts can get distracted on a subject. Even with with their tangents, I have learned an immense amount from their research! Side note – This is the podcast that I bring up at dinner —-alllllll the time! Haha!

3.) The Moth

The Moth is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. This podcast is made up of short 5-minute stories. They record people sharing their true stories all over the U.S. every month.

Ok Boston Friends, here is a tip for you!  Once a month, in association with the Motha StorySLAM and live recording happens at Laugh Boston. I went last week with a friend and had a wonderful time. It is definitely worth going to see live! I was so impressed with some of the creative storytelling that I walked away from that night so inspired as an artist! I just can not say enough good stuff about it! Go get tickets!

4.) Serial

I am sure by now you know but if by the off chance you do not and you have been hiding under a rock, this one is worth your time. It is hosted by Sarah Koenig who is another amazing interviewer. The shows mantra is – “Serial tells one story—a true story—over the course of a season.” Now my bride turned friend, Angela told me about Serial back when I photographed her and Erik’s engagement session. I thought yeah it would be good, then I listened to Season 1 and became hooked. I was enthralled with knowing if Adnan Syed had in fact murdered his girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. And if he did, why did a witness have him placed somewhere else during the time of murder? How is he in prison right now?

Now on Season 2, I am haunted by how erie and heart breaking Bowe Bergdahl story is. I have so many questions about how this U.S. soldier and Taliban prisoner for nearly five years survived. Is he a deserter, a traitor? Should he be punished more for his actions? You will make decisions with each new episode and with each decision you will find in the next episode yourself questioning why he did? No matter how uncomfortable this podcast has made me at times, it is worth your time. It not only highlights the systems we have in place internationally if someone goes missing but also the lack of communication between those agencies and how it affects those who serve our country and travel aboard.

These podcast made traveling so much more enjoyable! Even now, I’m prepping another post on podcasts specifically for creative artists. Till then, please tell me about which ones you love or new ones you just found. If I am missing an awesome podcast, please tell me all about it in the comment section or feel free to email me HERE! I love recommendations!

From one wandering soul to another — Happy listening!

Podcast Recommendations - Amy Emily Photography

Nay Aug Gorge Engagement: Deb & Stuart

Deb and Stuart met on their first day of college at Grove City in Pennsylvania. Fast forward six years and Stuart asked Deb out. Fast forward one year of blissful dating and Deb moves to Togo, Africa to work as a nurse. Fast forward another year and you’ll have them engaged and walking around Nay Aug Gorge with me.

Their smiles say it all! They’re so excited to be together. To be near each other. To be getting married in 31 DAYS! To no longer have to be having long distance conversations over sometimes poor connections with the internet. We’ve all been there and we all know how amazing it feels to come back and be able to hug the one we love. It’s priceless! Their wedding will be here before we know it and I can’t wait!

Here are a few of my favorite images from their free spirited and adventurous engagement session …

Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0003 Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0004 Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0005 Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0006Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0007Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0018 Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0010

Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0017Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0016Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0002Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0009Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0011
As we walked around Nay Aug Gorge, I was so excited to hear about how Deb’s engagement ring is actually her grandmother’s ring. I love anything that has to do with family traditions and legacy. So when she showed me her stunning ring, I was awe. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0015

Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 dates. I book weddings all over and would love to shoot more in PA! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 

Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0008


Doane’s Falls Engagement: Andy & Mary

If you can’t tell already from my Instagram, I LOVE couples that want to go on adventures with me. So when Mary asked for an engagement session and quickly followed it by, we’re the outdoorsy, adventurous type of people, I knew this session was going to be AHH-MAZING. After some research, I found Doane’s Falls and knew it was the perfect spot for these two. Why? Oh, because it has a GORGEOUS waterfall! Yup, I’m officially becoming a hunter of all the waterfalls in New England. (If you exist, I want to find you, and photograph a couple near you.) 🙂

The session was filled with climbing all over rocks and walking across fallen trees to get to amazing views of the waterfall. It was slightly daring but these two killed it in front of the camera. The entire time, Andy, took such notice and care of Mary. I respect his gentlemanly presence and Mary looked at him with such adoration. There’s no fluff when I think of these two just more so  sincerity and confidence. They love each other. It’s real. It’s true. It’s honest. And they bring out these smiles in each other that make everyone else smile. That kind of joy and genuineness doesn’t come around every day and I think they know that. They found something great in each other and after the first week of dating, they’ve pretty much been insuperable since. Their love is such a great reminder that if you find something good, not to waste time, but to treasure it and never let it go.

Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0001Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0001 Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0002Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0002Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0003Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0005
Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0003
Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0004 Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0006Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0005 2015-11-11_0019
Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0006 Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0008Royalston Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0001 Royalston Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0002
Royalston Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0003Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 dates. I book weddings all over and would love to shoot more in New England! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 


Esplanade Engagement Session: Max & Taylor

Max and Taylor are so insanely adorable together. I am so over the moon about them. They are getting married this December in the South and so I was really excited when they asked me to do their  Esplanade engagement session in Boston. They, after all, love this city as much as I do. As we walked around the Esplanade and then hit up a rooftop view (WHICH ARE ALWAYS MY FAVORITE), I was freaking out over how perfect they are together.

When I asked Max how he met Taylor, it was priceless. Max was at a bar in Crunkleton for a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser whereas Taylor had no idea there was even an event going on. She instead just walked right into the bar with some girlfriends, started watching football and no one even questioned her. Talk about crashing the right event! After catching on that an event was actually going on, I believe Max thought Taylor was looking at him from across the bar and he quickly took that as a sign to introduce himself. They ended up exchanging numbers and didn’t take any time in starting to talk. Three years later, here we are. Walking the streets of Boston and counting the days till their wedding December.

Congratulations Max and Taylor! I love that you both are adventurers. That you both love to kayak, camp, explore, wander, and adore your dogs. You have huge hearts for Boston and this place you call home and I’m so glad our paths crossed at City on a Hill.  For this amazing evening and so much more, thank you for allowing me to document your beautiful love!