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I'm Amy Emily and I'm a New England + Destination Wedding Photographer based in Boston, MA. I'm satisfied in the moments where i've kicked off my heels, grabbed a cup of coffee, and laughed till my sides hurt.

I adore telling the charming and ever-so amazing stories of life. I hope I can be a part of yours. Look around, share in the joy of others, and remember your story is beautiful.

NEPA Engagement: Sheri & PJ

A few months ago, as I was photographing Casey and Mike’s beautiful wedding in PA, I was in heaven. I adore their families so much so I nearly fell over with excitement when Sheri (Casey’s sister and bridesmaid) turned to me and said you might have another wedding in our family to photograph as she showed me her STUNNING engagement ring! Since then, I have had the pure joy in getting to know PJ and Sheri even more. We had the best time during their engagement session and now I can not wait till their wedding day to watch all their close family and friends witness their vows to each other!


Amy Emily PhotographyAmy Emily PhotographyAmy Emily PhotographyAmy Emily PhotographyAmy Emily PhotographyI asked Sheri how they got engaged she shared the most lovely story. PJ & Zachary (their son) set up the proposal together. Zachary really loves astronomy and one night he wanted to go outside and use his telescope. PJ went outside with him to set it up, and then Zachary ran in to get Sheri saying “come on mom! Quick! You can see the Apollo landing site!” So Sheri went outside and started looking through the telescope. She could not see what they were talking about, so she was getting slightly annoyed. After a few minutes, PJ kept saying, “Babe can’t you see that big rock right there? It’s right there!” As she looked up, he was holding the ring!!! She fell to the ground because she could not believe it! He got down on his knee and asked her to marry him. Did your heart just melt a little…cause mine did! LOVE THEM! Amy Emily PhotographyAmy Emily Photography

Amy Emily Photography

Boston wedding photographer, Amy Emily is currently booking weddings for 2017 dates. If you are reentry engaged, feel free to email her here! 

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  1. These pics are just beautiful! Thank you for being so wonderful to my girls💕

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