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I'm Amy Emily and I'm a New England + Destination Wedding Photographer based in Boston, MA. I'm satisfied in the moments where I've kicked off my heels, grabbed a cup of coffee, and laughed 'till my sides hurt.

I adore telling the charming and ever-so amazing stories of life. I hope I can be a part of yours. Look around, share in the joy of others, and remember your story is beautiful.

Grignan, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: France Wedding- Natalie & Jacky Pt.2

I’ve been pretty quiet on this blog but not today. Today, I am so excited to share with you images from my first wedding in southern France. Natalie and Jacky’s civil ceremony was on the blog yesterday but today it’s all about their beautiful, southern France wedding in Grignan.

When I asked Natalie if they had a theme for their wedding she said, it’s “Meet Me at the Tree.” She then explained how she started thinking about how a tree has had an important place in human history, from the beginning of time, and will be till the end. Therefore, even though you some of you couldn’t join us in person, I invite you now to meet us by the tree and follow along these images as Jacky and Natalie say their vows on by far the windiest wedding I have ever experienced.


These beautiful cards which Natalie and Jacky used during their First Look are from Of Note Stationers.  (I can’t RAVE enough about these cards! Simple, classic, & elegant!)



Amy is a Boston wedding photographer and currently booking destination weddings worldwide. If you are interested in booking a wedding, feel free to email me here! 


Aix En Provence: France Civil Ceremony – Natalie & Jacky Pt. 1

I am so excited to introduce you to Natalie & Jacky. This past May, they got married in the south of France. But in true European tradition, before the wedding, the civil ceremony is held at town hall. This intimate gathering of family and friends is really the most precious time. Natalie and Jacky beamed at their family who had flown in from all over the world to witness their nuptials. (From Florida, Reunion, England, and all over France, these two have to most beautiful support system.) It was a pure joy to watch them get married. Tomorrow you’ll see their wedding ceremony but today, here’s a few highlights of their intimate civil ceremony in Aix En Provence.

Amy Emily is a Boston wedding photographer who is currently booking weddings for the 2018 season.  If you are interested in booking a (destination) wedding, feel free to email me here! 

Brookline Coolidge Corner Engagement: Cassie & Alec

You know you found a dream couple to work with when they ask you to start their engagement session at your mutual favorite restaurant in Brookline! Barcelona wine bar not only has amazing tapas but their sangria in on point! Therefore we had to get some! So with a happy CHEERS, I am so excited to introduce you all to Alec and Cassie!


Amy Emily Photographycoolidge-corner-engagement-session0004_amy-emily-photographycoolidge-corner-engagement-session0008_amy-emily-photography coolidge-corner-engagement-session0009_amy-emily-photographycoolidge-corner-engagement-session0010_amy-emily-photographyAmy Emily Photographycoolidge-corner-engagement-session0006_amy-emily-photographyAmy Emily Photography Amy Emily is a Boston wedding photographer and currently booking family engagement sessions. I enjoy weddings all over the east coast! If you are interested in booking a wedding, feel free to email me here! 

Farmington Gardens Wedding: Shannon & Aaron

farmington-gardens0001_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0002_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0003_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0004_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0005_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0006_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0007_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0008_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0009_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0010_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0011_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0012_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0013_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0014_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0015_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0016_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0017_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0018_amy-emily-photographyfarmington-gardens0023_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0019_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0020_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0021_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0022_amy-emily-photography
farmington-gardens0026_amy-emily-photography farmington-gardens0027_amy-emily-photography


Hatch Memorial Shell Engagement Session: Shannon & Aaron

Shannon and Aaron are getting married next month and I am so excited!  Their engagement session was truly a beautiful evening. We walked around the Boston Gardens and the Hatch Memorial Shell for their images. Here are a few of my favorites…

Hatch Memorial Shell Engagement0003Amy Emily Photography

Hatch Memorial Shell Engagement0006Amy Emily Photography Hatch Memorial Shell Engagement0005Amy Emily Photography Hatch Memorial Shell Engagement0004Amy Emily PhotographyHatch Memorial Shell Engagement0012Amy Emily Photography
Hatch Memorial Shell Engagement0002Amy Emily PhotographyHatch Memorial Shell Engagement0007Amy Emily Photography Hatch Memorial Shell Engagement0008Amy Emily PhotographyHatch Memorial Shell Engagement0011Amy Emily Photography Hatch Memorial Shell Engagement0009Amy Emily Photography Hatch Memorial Shell Engagement0010Amy Emily PhotographyAmy Emily is a Boston wedding photographer and currently booking weddings for 2017 dates. I enjoy booking weddings all over New England! If you’re recently engaged and interested in booking a wedding or engagement session with me, feel free to email me here! 

Intimate Civic Club of Harrisburg Wedding: Stuart & Deb

Once upon a time, two of the sweetest people fell in love. Deb and Stuart said their vows in front of their closest friends and family. Their warm smiles constantly reminded everyone during their intimate winter wedding at the Civic club in Harrisburg of why they fell in love in the first place.

Deb and Stuart, I hope that you had the most amazing time in Asheville on your honeymoon.  You two really are the sweetest couple. Thank you for letting me come and document your first day as husband and wife. XO.

Amy Emily Photography The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0006
The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0007The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0009The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0010The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0012The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0014The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0015The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0016The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0021The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0022 The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0020The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0023 The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0019The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0024 The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0018The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0026

The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0027

The Civic Club of Harrisburg_Amy Emily Photography0029Amy Emily PhotographyAre you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 dates. I book weddings all over and would love to shoot more in PA! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 

Glenmaura National Golf Club Wedding: Matt & Melanie

I’m sharing this STUNNING Glenmaura National Golf Club wedding with such a BIG smile on my face. When I met Matt & Melanie for their engagement session in Scranton, PA, it was like meeting old friends. They were so down to earth, genuinely sweet, and had the best sense of humor. I knew their wedding would be so special and it truly was.

Matt and Melanie have know each other for what seems like to all their dear friends and family as fooorevver.  Melanie is possibly one of the most joyful and fun loving brides I’ve ever worked with. She has an infectious laugh and a bubbly personality. Matt is so much like her but possibly a littttttle quieter. 😉 One of my favorite parts of the wedding was watching these two best friends interact. Their excitement level and facial expressions were 100% on the same page. She loves him to death and he adores her. It reminds me of that giddy anticipation we all had for our first date in middle school. It’s that kind of unexplainable, pure joy, and happiness they have daily with each other. Every photo I took, they were beaming. This day was everything I LOVE about being a storyteller.

Matt and Melanie, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Thank you for letting me share in your beautiful wedding day. I loved getting to know your family, your friends, your dear nieces and nephews. Everyone was as warm and welcoming as you two are! I feel so blessed and honored to share these images below! XOXO – A.E.

Glenmaura National Golf ClubAmy Emily Photography0038

 Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 dates. I book weddings all over and would love to shoot more in PA! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 

Hyatt Boston Harbor Wedding: Danielle and Brian

I’m so happy to finally share Danielle and Brian’s amazing wedding. Danielle and Brian got married at the Hyatt Boston Harbor by the waterfront. This extraordinary venue left everyone with breathtaking views of the city during the reception.

As close friends and family gathered, the night was spent celebrating two amazing people officially becoming one…even though everyone realized their oneness happened a long time ago. Danielle and Brian, you both are so sweet and kind. Your families are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to document your love. The love you share makes those around you better. I wish you nothing but the best together!

Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 dates. I book weddings all over and would love to shoot more Boston! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 


Shining Tides Wedding Mattapoisett Ma: Erik & Angela

Angela and Erik got married at Shining Tides in Mattapoisett with the most beautiful first look, sandy beaches and stunning sunset. The waterfront view is absolutely breathtaking and was the perfect backdrop for their ceremony.  But we should probably back up and start with the first time I met Angela and Erik, at their wedding consultation. I knew immediately we were going to quickly become friends. It was so refreshing to hear their story during their engagement session. Pretty much because it had me laughing from the first minute I heard it. It was one of those classic nights at the local bar, where one of Erik’s best friend’s, Panda, randomly started talking to Angela and then proceed to touch her face. Erik quickly came over to them and realized he really liked this girl. Their story is full of great humor (which was not lost during their wedding ceremony) and an wonderful community of friends and family.

It’s these weddings that move me the most. The ones that are focused on the people and the vows. Just like when that same best friend, Panda, became the wedding officiant or how almost all the bridesmaids were from Angela’s sorority…I loved knowing that they value the people in their life that do every day with them. The focus wasn’t on the details, although the details were stunning, it was focused on those those who have cried with them, laughed with them, the people who traveled to celebrate their engagement with them, the people that come over and watch an excessive amount of reruns with them or their friends that text them when they find an amazing whisky they know Erik would love to try from a local brewery. Those friends and family, surrounded them by the waterfront view and watched as Erik and Angela made a covenant to each other, to honor and cherish each other for as long as both of them shall live. In those thoughtful and personal vows, even then their friends and family joined in. I can’t help but smile as I write this knowing everyone at Shining Tides whole heartedly loved them as a couple and they in return felt the same towards those witnessing their special day.

Erik and Angela from meeting you in Brookline, to an engagement session on a rooftop in Backbay, to your wedding at Shining Tides…you both remained remarkable. Your devotion to each other is truly a beautiful gift. Thank you for letting me come and document your first day as husband and wife. I am so grateful to call you both not only amazing clients but dear friends.

Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0001Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0002 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0003 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0004 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0005Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0006 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0007 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0008 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0009 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0010 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0011Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0012 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0013 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0014 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0015 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0016 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0017

Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0019 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0020 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0021 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0022Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0023

Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0025 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0026Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0028 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0029 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0030 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0031

Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0033 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0034 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0035 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0036Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0039 You know that beautiful moment in the ceremony when a phone goes off?! Yup – that happened and guess what?! It was one of their parents’ cell phone! But don’t worry, it was just a wrong number! The intimate ceremony continued and everyone was beaming at how humorous the timing was. Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0037Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0038
Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0041

Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0044 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0045 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0048 Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0049  I can’t even tell you how many guests starred out at the moon lit sky  at some point during the reception. The moon just hung so high and bright. Everyone was in awe of it! It was truly magical!  Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0051

Shining Tides Wedding_Amy Emily Photography0054

Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 dates. I book weddings all over and would love to shoot more in Boston! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 


Radisson Hotel Scranton Wedding: Keith & Alyssa

Alyssa and Keith wed on one of the hottest days of this past summer at the Radisson Hotel in Scranton, Pennsylvania. That being said, it didn’t matter! They were so consumed in their happiness, they didn’t let the heat steal their joy.  The entire day, Keith kept looking over at Alyssa and his face would break in to a huge smile. It was perfect! It’s moments like that when love is so sincere, so pure, and so right, that I am reminded how blessed I am do what I do.

Alyssa and Keith, your wedding was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for being the most amazing couple and bearing through the heat for all of your portraits. I’m thrilled to have been a part of your wedding day. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both! Congratulations! XO. A.E.

Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography003 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography004 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography005 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography006 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography007 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography008 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography009 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography010 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography011
Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography013 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography014 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography015Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography017 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography016
Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography018 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography019 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography0202015-10-21_0050 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography021 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography022 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography023 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography024 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography025 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography026 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography027 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography028 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography029 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography030 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography031 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography032 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography033 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography034 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography035 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography036 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography037 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography038Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography039

Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography041 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography042Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography040 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography043 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography044 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography045 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography046 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography047 Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography048
Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography050Radisson Hotel Scranton PA_AmyEmilyPhotography049

Lavish Salon – Hair and Makeup
Many thanks to the Radisson Hotel Scranton for such a beautiful wedding day! – Reception