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I'm Amy Emily and I'm a New England + Destination Wedding Photographer based in Boston, MA. I'm satisfied in the moments where I've kicked off my heels, grabbed a cup of coffee, and laughed 'till my sides hurt.

I adore telling the charming and ever-so amazing stories of life. I hope I can be a part of yours. Look around, share in the joy of others, and remember your story is beautiful.

Grignan, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: France Wedding- Natalie & Jacky Pt.2

I’ve been pretty quiet on this blog but not today. Today, I am so excited to share with you images from my first wedding in southern France. Natalie and Jacky’s civil ceremony was on the blog yesterday but today it’s all about their beautiful, southern France wedding in Grignan.

When I asked Natalie if they had a theme for their wedding she said, it’s “Meet Me at the Tree.” She then explained how she started thinking about how a tree has had an important place in human history, from the beginning of time, and will be till the end. Therefore, even though you some of you couldn’t join us in person, I invite you now to meet us by the tree and follow along these images as Jacky and Natalie say their vows on by far the windiest wedding I have ever experienced.


These beautiful cards which Natalie and Jacky used during their First Look are from Of Note Stationers.  (I can’t RAVE enough about these cards! Simple, classic, & elegant!)



Amy is a Boston wedding photographer and currently booking destination weddings worldwide. If you are interested in booking a wedding, feel free to email me here! 


Aix En Provence: France Civil Ceremony – Natalie & Jacky Pt. 1

I am so excited to introduce you to Natalie & Jacky. This past May, they got married in the south of France. But in true European tradition, before the wedding, the civil ceremony is held at town hall. This intimate gathering of family and friends is really the most precious time. Natalie and Jacky beamed at their family who had flown in from all over the world to witness their nuptials. (From Florida, Reunion, England, and all over France, these two have to most beautiful support system.) It was a pure joy to watch them get married. Tomorrow you’ll see their wedding ceremony but today, here’s a few highlights of their intimate civil ceremony in Aix En Provence.

Amy Emily is a Boston wedding photographer who is currently booking weddings for the 2018 season.  If you are interested in booking a (destination) wedding, feel free to email me here! 

Spiez Switzerland – Wander With Me

Spiez Switzerland0016Amy Emily Photography Spiez Switzerland0015Amy Emily Photography Spiez Switzerland0014Amy Emily PhotographySpiez Switzerland0009Amy Emily PhotographySpiez Switzerland0001Amy Emily PhotographySpiez Switzerland0007Amy Emily Photography

The Mojave Dessert – RoadTrip Pt. 2

Yesterday, I started to tell you all about the adventure of our road trip from WPPI to the Red Rock Canyon. If you missed it, you can read about it here!  It was really pretty! From the Red Rock Canyon, we went straight for the Mojave Dessert.

The word mojave means beside the water which is extremely interesting to me. This dessert gets about 13 inches of rain a year. It’s kind of crazy when all you see is cacti, Joshua Trees, and dirt for miles. Once we reached our post, Cassi, Mikkel, Justine, Chelsea and I all got out of the BMW and played with our cameras. Can you blame us?  That beautiful, California, golden hour is just too lovely not to wander around and bask in.You can tell we hit the Mojave Dessert just as the sun was setting. My images get darker and darker until the moon hung high in the sky.

This was by far my FAVORITE spot we explored next to the killer Mexican restaurant we came upon on the way out of the dessert and towards Santa Barbara.  The dessert is so desolate and lonely. It’s extremely beautiful in it’s solace.

Mojave Dessert California - Amy Emily Photography004

I would like to introduce you to my awesome road trip mates. Starting off the line up, I’d like you to meet Chelsea. She’s from Michigan and I believe her and I both have been bit my the travel bug.

RedRockCanyon Amy Emily Photography001 The Mojave Dessert001

Cassi is an amazing photographer from New Jersey. She was the brave soul who drove us the entire way! (Without her, I never would have went to WPPI. I’m so grateful for friends in the industry who push me to do things out of my comfort zone! Thanks Cassi!!!)

Mojave Dessert California - Amy Emily Photography007

This is Justine and she’s a film photographer from Canada! She’s a firecracker! A shaker! and a mover! She makes me laugh a lot and I’m really glad I had the opportunity of being crammed next to her in the back seat of the BMW for some of trip. 😉   Mojave Dessert California - Amy Emily Photography011

This rad lady is Mikkel. She has the coolest hair EVVVERRR! She is also one of the kindest people I got to know while in Vegas and California. On more then one occasion, she saved the day. She is a wonderful photographer in NC but still does a ton of work in NYC.

Mojave Dessert California - Amy Emily Photography006 Stay tuned for the next stop in the adventure —  YEAH FIELD TRIP!!! PT. 3

Mojave Dessert California - Amy Emily Photography010

Mojave Dessert California - Amy Emily Photography009

Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2015 &2016 dates. We book weddings all over New England. There is no place we wouldn’t love to travel to photograph your love story.  If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 

Red Rock Canyon Nevada Road Trip Pt 1

Two weeks ago I left Boston to fly to Las Vegas, Nevada for WPPI. WPPI is  a conference and expo for wedding and portrait photographers. It’s held at the MGM and it’s massive. If I’m being completely honest, Las Vegas doesn’t seem quite like my place.  They could move WPPI to Denver, Colorado and I’d be beaming.  I prefer mountains to everything! Alas, I know they’ll never do that. They need room for some crazy number of photographers. Mind you, I did not pay for a full pass. I didn’t go to one class. I just walked around the expo, meet my AMAZING vendors, and networked. For that reason alone, it was 100% worth doing for two days.

From there, my now good photography friends (Cassi, Mikkel, Chelsea, and Justine) decided to road trip to Photo Field Trip in Santa Barbara, California. Our first stop was Red Rock Canyon in Nevada. This place was pure magic. Full of colors that I rarely see in Boston. Deep blue skies, orange, and red rocks everywhere. It had a nice way of making me feel small. I recommend this stop for  if you’re on a road trip. Although, I wouldn’t necessarily go to Nevada just to visit Red Rock Canyon.  That would be a stretch!

RedRockCanyon Amy Emily Photography002 RedRockCanyon Amy Emily Photography003Mojave Dessert California - Amy Emily Photography002

RedRockCanyon Amy Emily Photography005 From the Red Rock Canyon, we drove to the Mojave dessert. The road was red most of the way on this part of the drive. Isn’t that awesome?!! I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a redish road before in my life. Just seeing these images, while I’m sitting here freezing in Boston is enough to make me want to plan another road trip. Good thing I leave in two weeks for my first west coast wedding! Woohoo!

Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2015 &2016 dates. We book weddings all over the world and love to travel so no matter where your wedding is take place, if you love my style, I’d love to talk to you. Feel free to email me here! 

Mojave Dessert California - Amy Emily Photography001