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I'm Amy Emily and I'm a New England + Destination Wedding Photographer based in Boston, MA. I'm satisfied in the moments where I've kicked off my heels, grabbed a cup of coffee, and laughed 'till my sides hurt.

I adore telling the charming and ever-so amazing stories of life. I hope I can be a part of yours. Look around, share in the joy of others, and remember your story is beautiful.

NEPA Engagement: Sheri & PJ

A few months ago, as I was photographing Casey and Mike’s beautiful wedding in PA, I was in heaven. I adore their families so much so I nearly fell over with excitement when Sheri (Casey’s sister and bridesmaid) turned to me and said you might have another wedding in our family to photograph as she showed me her STUNNING engagement ring! Since then, I have had the pure joy in getting to know PJ and Sheri even more. We had the best time during their engagement session and now I can not wait till their wedding day to watch all their close family and friends witness their vows to each other!


Amy Emily PhotographyAmy Emily PhotographyAmy Emily PhotographyAmy Emily PhotographyAmy Emily PhotographyI asked Sheri how they got engaged she shared the most lovely story. PJ & Zachary (their son) set up the proposal together. Zachary really loves astronomy and one night he wanted to go outside and use his telescope. PJ went outside with him to set it up, and then Zachary ran in to get Sheri saying “come on mom! Quick! You can see the Apollo landing site!” So Sheri went outside and started looking through the telescope. She could not see what they were talking about, so she was getting slightly annoyed. After a few minutes, PJ kept saying, “Babe can’t you see that big rock right there? It’s right there!” As she looked up, he was holding the ring!!! She fell to the ground because she could not believe it! He got down on his knee and asked her to marry him. Did your heart just melt a little…cause mine did! LOVE THEM! Amy Emily PhotographyAmy Emily Photography

Amy Emily Photography

Boston wedding photographer, Amy Emily is currently booking weddings for 2017 dates. If you are reentry engaged, feel free to email her here! 

Brookline Coolidge Corner Engagement: Philip & Mayra

This is such a special blog post for me to write! Three years ago when I moved to Boston I was pretty much friendless. It took a few months for me to even get over the fact that I had to start over new and make NEW friends. That seemed so hard even for me. An extrovert! But God knew exactly who I needed to meet!

After three months of living in Boston, again pretty much friendless, I met Mayra. She would invited me to places and I’d say no. I’m not in the mood or my favorite …I really don’t feel like it. It was not long though before she wore me down (with the help of another good friend, B). That’s how it all started and now three years later, I’m going to be photographing her wedding this FRIDAY! (FRI-YAY anyone?!?)

To see her and Philip interact is one of the sweetest gifts! They have such a fun and kind relationship! They both adore each other and have so much respect for the other. I can not express my gratitude for you Mayra in words but you changed my life. Your example is one I have always seen as encouraging. Philip, you’ve surly found one of the rarest gems and I know you’re going to cherish her.Thank you for inviting me to document your love story! I’m so excited to be a small part of it! XOXO.

Emily Photography   Amy Emily, Brookline wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 -2017 dates. I book weddings all over but Brookline is my home. I would love to shoot more in MA! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 

Beautiful NayAug Engagement: Mike & Casey

I am literally grinning from ear to ear as I write this blog post! Last year, after I photographed Matt and Melanie’s wedding, I went home and I was really sad. I felt like I had just made some dear friends and I didn’t know the next time I would have the privilege of spending time with them, their friends, and their family! Then to my complete surprise and JOY… Melanie’s brother, Mike proposed to his longtime girl friend, Casey last February. Casey reached out to me and I nearly freaked out with excitement. Not only are these two abosulety the most kind and sweet individuals, they actually met in middle school. They even dated on and off again since then! When they told me their engagement story, I swear my heart melted.

Beautiful Engagement Scranton PA0004Amy Emily Photography Beautiful Engagement Scranton PA0008Amy Emily PhotographyMike had bought Casey a lovely jewelry mirror for Christmas and took his time hanging it. One day, in February, Mike went to put it together. When Casey came down to see it, their then 3 month son was sitting next to it. When Casey opened it, there she saw her beautiful engagement ring – smack dab in the middle. Casey was in complete shock! I am so glad Mike could completely surprise her! As you can tell from Jordan’s face below – we are ALL pretty stoked about these two getting married!

We started the session at NayAug and then stopped by their middle school where they met. I wish I could say that is the most impressive thing about these two – but there’s so much more. From being amazing parents to just genuinely funny humans, they have these huge hearts full of love and I feel so lucky to have them as clients and friends.

Beautiful Engagement Scranton PA0010Amy Emily Photography Beautiful Engagement Scranton PA0011Amy Emily Photography Beautiful Engagement Scranton PA0012Amy Emily Photography Beautiful Engagement Scranton PA0013Amy Emily Photography Beautiful Engagement Scranton PA0017Amy Emily Photography Beautiful Engagement Scranton PA0019Amy Emily Photography Beautiful Engagement Scranton PA0022Amy Emily Photography Beautiful Engagement Scranton PA0023Amy Emily Photography Beautiful Engagement Scranton PA0027Amy Emily Photography

Mike and Casey, I can not wait till your wedding! Thanks for wandering around Scranton with me. XOXO.

Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 -2017 dates. I book weddings all over and would love to shoot more in PA! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 

MIT Engagement Session Cambridge: Steve & Risa

Steve, Risa, and I met up in Cambridge, right along the Charles with Boston as the backdrop for their MIT engagement session. They choose this place because it is where Steve proposed to Risa. Steve had told Risa that there were ice sculptures by MIT and he wanted to see them. There were no ice sculptures but she did not know that. So after work, they met up and walked along the Charles River and looked at the stunning view. As they were staring at the beautiful skyline of Boston, Steve got down on one knee and asked Risa to marry him. She said YES and they celebrated in the true New England fashion – with drinks and oysters at the Capital grill.

It was an awesome session, full of surprises. I had no idea that Cambridge had weeping willows. Can you tell we are in a concrete jungle? Not so much, right? I love it and I am so excited to share images of these two fantastic humans. I can not wait to photograph their wedding come Fall!

 Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 – 2017 dates. I book weddings all over New England! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 

Nay Aug Gorge Engagement: Deb & Stuart

Deb and Stuart met on their first day of college at Grove City in Pennsylvania. Fast forward six years and Stuart asked Deb out. Fast forward one year of blissful dating and Deb moves to Togo, Africa to work as a nurse. Fast forward another year and you’ll have them engaged and walking around Nay Aug Gorge with me.

Their smiles say it all! They’re so excited to be together. To be near each other. To be getting married in 31 DAYS! To no longer have to be having long distance conversations over sometimes poor connections with the internet. We’ve all been there and we all know how amazing it feels to come back and be able to hug the one we love. It’s priceless! Their wedding will be here before we know it and I can’t wait!

Here are a few of my favorite images from their free spirited and adventurous engagement session …

Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0003 Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0004 Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0005 Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0006Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0007Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0018 Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0010

Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0017Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0016Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0002Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0009Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0011
As we walked around Nay Aug Gorge, I was so excited to hear about how Deb’s engagement ring is actually her grandmother’s ring. I love anything that has to do with family traditions and legacy. So when she showed me her stunning ring, I was awe. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0015

Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 dates. I book weddings all over and would love to shoot more in PA! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 

Nay Aug Gorge Engagement0008


Doane’s Falls Engagement: Andy & Mary

If you can’t tell already from my Instagram, I LOVE couples that want to go on adventures with me. So when Mary asked for an engagement session and quickly followed it by, we’re the outdoorsy, adventurous type of people, I knew this session was going to be AHH-MAZING. After some research, I found Doane’s Falls and knew it was the perfect spot for these two. Why? Oh, because it has a GORGEOUS waterfall! Yup, I’m officially becoming a hunter of all the waterfalls in New England. (If you exist, I want to find you, and photograph a couple near you.) 🙂

The session was filled with climbing all over rocks and walking across fallen trees to get to amazing views of the waterfall. It was slightly daring but these two killed it in front of the camera. The entire time, Andy, took such notice and care of Mary. I respect his gentlemanly presence and Mary looked at him with such adoration. There’s no fluff when I think of these two just more so  sincerity and confidence. They love each other. It’s real. It’s true. It’s honest. And they bring out these smiles in each other that make everyone else smile. That kind of joy and genuineness doesn’t come around every day and I think they know that. They found something great in each other and after the first week of dating, they’ve pretty much been insuperable since. Their love is such a great reminder that if you find something good, not to waste time, but to treasure it and never let it go.

Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0001Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0001 Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0002Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0002Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0003Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0005
Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0003
Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0004 Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0006Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0005 2015-11-11_0019
Tully Lake Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0006 Doanes Falls Engagement _Amy Emily Photography0008Royalston Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0001 Royalston Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0002
Royalston Engagement_Amy Emily Photography0003Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 dates. I book weddings all over and would love to shoot more in New England! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 


Esplanade Engagement Session: Max & Taylor

Max and Taylor are so insanely adorable together. I am so over the moon about them. They are getting married this December in the South and so I was really excited when they asked me to do their  Esplanade engagement session in Boston. They, after all, love this city as much as I do. As we walked around the Esplanade and then hit up a rooftop view (WHICH ARE ALWAYS MY FAVORITE), I was freaking out over how perfect they are together.

When I asked Max how he met Taylor, it was priceless. Max was at a bar in Crunkleton for a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser whereas Taylor had no idea there was even an event going on. She instead just walked right into the bar with some girlfriends, started watching football and no one even questioned her. Talk about crashing the right event! After catching on that an event was actually going on, I believe Max thought Taylor was looking at him from across the bar and he quickly took that as a sign to introduce himself. They ended up exchanging numbers and didn’t take any time in starting to talk. Three years later, here we are. Walking the streets of Boston and counting the days till their wedding December.

Congratulations Max and Taylor! I love that you both are adventurers. That you both love to kayak, camp, explore, wander, and adore your dogs. You have huge hearts for Boston and this place you call home and I’m so glad our paths crossed at City on a Hill.  For this amazing evening and so much more, thank you for allowing me to document your beautiful love!




Fort Sewall Marblehead Engagement Session: Cassandra & Garrett

Last Sunday, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Cassandra & Garrett’s engagement session in Marblehead, Mass. This place is so near and dear to them. So much so, they refer to it as their “spot!” It’s where they were engaged and also where they are planning on having their wedding come this Fall.

As we wandered around Fort Sewall, Marblehead, Garrett kindly towers over Cassandra and looks at her lovingly. (And yes, I mean towers. He’s got to be at least a foot or more taller then her.) As Cassandra tells me about the details of the wedding and how Marblehead means so much to them, she bounces from topic to topic with ease. Garrett keeps his eyes on Cassandra, now snuggling her into his embrace. All of a sudden she looks up at him and the biggest smile crosses her face. I can tell they are the happiest when they are together. Holding hands. Exploring.

I couldn’t be more honored to be documenting your magical love story, Cassandra & Garrett!

MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography010MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography012MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography002MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography013MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography024MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography019MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography016MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography046MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography001MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography033MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography035MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography029MarbleheadMassEngagement_Amy Emily Photography043Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? Amy Emily, Boston wedding photographer is currently booking weddings for 2016 dates. I book weddings all over and would love to shoot more in New England! If you’re interested, feel free to email me here! 

Boston Public Garden Engagement: Russ + Katelynn

When I met with Russ and Katelynn for their engagement session, they told me how important the Boston Public Gardens were to them. During their first date, they walked by the Duck Pond and through the park. Therefore, it was perfect place to photograph them for their engagement session. Between the beautiful Fall weather, weeping willows and rose garden, it couldn’t be more ideal.

Russ and Katelynn have been dating now for almost a year. Over Labor Day weekend, Russ proposed to Katelynn in Qgunquit, Maine. Right over the rocks, on Marginal Way, overlooking the beautiful ocean he told her why he had fallen in love with her. If you’ve been there, you know, that spot is GORGEOUS! Not only was is a wonderful proposal but Russ gave Katelynn one of the most stunning engagement rings I’ve ever seen. Talk about breathtaking!

These two showed up with the biggest smiles for their session. I’m so happy to be a part of their wedding next year in at the Danversport Yacht Club! It’s going to be amazing!  XO. A.E.


2014-11-04_00012014-11-04_00102014-11-04_00182014-11-04_0008 2014-11-04_00042014-11-04_0014 2014-11-04_0013 2014-11-04_0012 2014-11-04_0003 2014-11-04_0002

BackBay Engagement: Erik & Angela

Angela and Erik have been dating a little over five years. When Erik decided he wanted to propose to Angela, he took extra time planning something perfect for her. Erik drove Angela to the  Winvian  in Connecticut this past May and she still had no idea what he had planned. Erik popped the question in a tree house cottage that was suspended 35 feet above the forest floor and Angela was blown away. She said YES (of course)! She recalls it as being the most amazing day of her life.

When these two are together, they literally look at each other which such adoration and joy, it’s captivating. I think of all the things they’ve endured during their relationship, the ups and the downs, the long distance, and I am challenged by how they still carry themselves with such kindness. I’m blessed by their sweet nature and great humor! Even after the engagement session, they welcomed me into their home and we drank wine and had cheese. It could have ended there but then Erik made us dinner! I mean, I could catch up with Angela all day just because I love getting to know them but that was such a great example of their generosity.

Because of who they are,  I found this post is hard to write. I don’t know the right words to convey just how much I appreciate having the opportunity to work with Angela and Erik. Even early on, during our consultation, we connected. They understood my heart to be a storyteller and I could SEE their love — and I can see it lasting forever. I know their love will continue to grow as they take on life together because I can see their commitment to each other. It’s beautiful.

Erik and Angela,  thank you for completely trusting me. It’s one of the most precious gifts a client can give me and I will never take it for granted. I’m completely honored to be a part of your wedding next August in Shining Tides! Till then.. XO. A.E. 

2014-10-28_0020 2014-10-28_00032014-10-28_00242014-10-28_00252014-10-28_0022 2014-10-28_0009 2014-10-28_00082014-10-28_00062014-10-28_0005